Guinea Shipping Corporation

Guinea Shipping Corporation (GSC) has launched as Africa’s newest bulk shipping line, focused on supporting Guinea’s vital mineral export industry.

With a vision to help develop Guinea’s maritime sector through training home-grown mariners to sail on GSC’s vessels, the shipping line will invest in training schools to develop the next generation of seafarers.

GSC is dedicated to operate its ships to meet and exceed all international safety and operations standards with experienced management, officers and crew.

GSC will offer customers a first class service using a modern fleet operating around the world.

What is GSC?


As African trade expands with international markets, GSC will build a blue-water shipping fleet to support the country’s export trade.


GSC is committed to providing the tools for Guinea to train a new generation of seafarers by providing the training ship TS Guinea Pride.


With experienced international management team, GSC will use a modern fleet of vessels with experienced and well-trained crew.

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